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ISO 22301 Consultancy
Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS)

ISO 22301:2018 Certification Consultancy Services

ISO 22301 Certification Consultancy Services help organizations develop, implement, and maintain a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) compliant with international standards. An ISO Certification Consultancy offers various services, including gap analysis, implementation support, training, documentation, internal audits, and certification preparation. Organizations can enhance resilience to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements to build stakeholder trust and gain a competitive advantage by leveraging consultancy expertise. The consultancy process involves initial assessment, detailed planning, implementation, training, pre-audit review, and support during the certification audit to promote continuous improvement.

How an ISO Consultancy firm helps Organizations in ISO 22301 Certification Process

  • An ISO 22301 Consultants assists organizations in the certification process by conducting a gap analysis to identify areas for improvement by offering implementation support. It also helps organizations document necessary processes and provide training to ensure ISO 22301 compliance by enhancing staff competence. They aid in creating comprehensive business continuity plans by performing internal audits to verify compliance and conduct pre-audit reviews to ensure readiness for the certification audit. Additionally, ISO Certification Consultancy firms offer guidance and support during the certification audit by an accredited body and help maintain and continually improve the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) post-certification.

What is ISO 22301:2018 Certification?

  • ISO 22301 Certification is an internationally recognized for Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS). It ensures organizations can effectively respond to and recover from disruptions. ISO 22301 Certification process involves rigorous evaluation of risk assessment, business impact analysis, and continuity planning processes. The certification implementation involves gap analysis, support from top-level management, training, internal audits, and a final certification audit by an accredited body.

Benefits of ISO 22301:2018 standards::


The following are the benefits provided by ISO 22301 Consultants for various organizations irrespective of their size, nature, and location. These are:

  • 1. Helps to enhance Resilience

    ISO 22301 certification significantly boosts an organization's resilience by ensuring it has a robust Business Continuity Management System (BCMS). Moreover, it enables the organization to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities by assessing their impact to mitigate risks. As a result, the organization is better prepared to maintain critical functions and minimize downtime during disruptions such as natural disasters, cyber-attacks, or other emergencies.

  • 2. Maintains Compliance with Certification Requirements

    Achieving ISO 22301 certification demonstrates that an organization adheres to international best practices and standards for business continuity. It also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements in various industries, particularly those that handle sensitive information or critical infrastructure. Organizations can avoid legal penalties and fines associated with non-compliance by meeting 22301 standards.

  • 3. Strengthens Stakeholder's Trust

    ISO 22301 builds significant trust among stakeholders, including customers, partners, investors, and employees. It assures that the organization has a well-defined and tested plan to handle disruptions and continue delivering essential services. This trust is crucial for maintaining long-term relationships and can be a decisive factor for clients and partners when choosing between service providers.

  • 4. Provides Competitive Advantage

    An ISO 22301 certification sets an organization apart from its competitors by highlighting its commitment to proactive risk management and operational stability. Moreover, ISO 22301 certification is a powerful marketing tool to showcase an organization's dedication to maintaining the highest standards. Furthermore, this competitive edge helps organizations to increase business opportunities, customer loyalty, and market share.

Why Choose MSCincorporation?

MSCi (Management System Compliance Incorporation) is a trusted and reputable ISO Certification Consultancy body that offers customized consultancy services to meet organizational requirements. Additionally, it demonstrates its dedication to upholding the intended ISO standards by ensuring solid quality measures to improve resilience and dependability. We offer affordable services with the capacity to give continuing assistance and training to help you implement ISO 22301 requirements. Additionally, it guarantees that the company maintains ongoing improvement in addition to obtaining accreditation.

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