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ISO 21001 Consultancy
Educational Organization Management System (EOMS)

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed ISO 21001 standards that provide a framework for implementing the Educational Organization Management System (EOMS) for those institutions that offer educational products and services. The primary goal of the ISO 21001 standard is to meet the expectations of students as well as other stakeholders. This standard is based on ISO 9001 for quality management systems, but it specifically provides guidelines for educational institutions and works towards the delivery of an improved educational process that caters to the demands of the learners. This standard is applicable to all the institutions that provide learning in any form through a defined curriculum.

Benefits of achieving ISO 21001 Certification:

  • Boosts the image of the institution

    ISO 21001 Certification helps to boost your organization’s reputation and builds the trust of the learners and other shareholders through strategic communication. ISO 21001 certification helps your organization to stand out as a responsible provider, ensuring environmental safety.

  • Maximizes your institutional profits

    You can gain maximum profits by ensuring learners’ satisfaction through implementing ISO 21001 standards. Effective and efficient educational organization management helps in reducing incidences that result in liability costs.

  • Minimizes institutional risks

    Implementing ISO 21001 educational organizational management system helps to control the risks of incidents that occur in your educational organization. ISO 21001 Certification is proof that you are providing efficient and effective learning products.

  • Upgrades environmental management

    ISO 21001 sets the criteria to help an organization to reduce its usage of resources and improve the overall efficiency of the management system. It decreases the impact of your business activities on the environment.

  • Improves your image & credibility

    ISO 21001 helps to improve your institutional image among the learner and other shareholders. And also helps to develop your access to more educational opportunities across the globe.

  • Escalates Competitiveness

    You can impress your learners, and stakeholders with your dynamic approach to educational management systems and organizational responsibilities

The Requirements of ISO 21001 Certification:

The High-level Structure of ISO 21001 consists of 10 clauses that revolve around the principle of Plan-Do-Check-Act. The Annex- SL consists of 10 sections, out of which the first three are introductory in nature while the rest seven are auditable and give the requirements for the implementation of ISO 21001 for EOMS.

Let’s understand the last seven sections for ISO 21001 standard in detail:

  • SECTION 4: Context of the organization

    This section deals with the scope of EOMS in your institution and understanding the needs of the interested parties. It deals with understanding the requirements of your organization such as review of documents, reports, etc. for implementing the Educational organization’s management system.

  • SECTION 5: Leadership

    This section highlights the role of top management in the implementation of EMS. It requires the top management to effectively communicate the roles and responsibilities to the entire workforce for implementing EMS in the organization. It is designed for the learner’s benefit and helps in assigning roles and responsibilities for better implementation.

  • SECTION 6: Planning

    This includes planning the objectives for your current management system and analyses the risks involved, in order to eliminate those risks. It also involves analyzing the institutional processes for a better management system.

  • SECTION 7: Support

    This section includes all the resources, such as human resources, infrastructure, and others that are required for an effective environmental management system. This section demonstrates the requirements as per the standard around competence, awareness, maintenance, and controlling documented data.

  • SECTION 8: Operation

    This section deals with operational requirements for the proper educational management system. It involves determining the requirements for educational products and services as well as establishing control processes for the implementation of the Educational Organization Management System.

  • SECTION 9: Performance evaluation

    This section involves monitoring and measurement of the progress of EOMS in terms of learner satisfaction. The institution is needed to analyze and evaluate the information and conduct an internal audit as well as a management review.

  • SECTION 10: Improvement

    This section ensures that your educational management system is effective. It deals with the methods by which you can ensure the effective and efficient functioning of your educational management system.

How does MSCi help your organization to achieve ISO 21001 Certification?

MSCi is one of the leading consultation bodies that help your organization to achieve ISO 21001 certification for educational organization management systems by using all the right processes. MSCi provides detailed information about the procedure for wining ISO 21001 for the educational organization management system. It provides guidance to your educational institution for getting ISO 21001 certified management system without any hassle.

MSCi helps the applicant to be well aware of the importance of ISO 21001 in their organization. It helps them to remain competitive in several business spheres, including all the efficient and effective processes for improvement in the operations. MSCi aims at delivering effective, practical, and result-oriented solutions for your educational management system.

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